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Laurels to Don Bosco Central School
Don Bosco Central School proved it once again that it enjoys a high academic standard. In the ISC section we had 100% first class and out of them two got distinction. They are Christeena Wilson and Pavithra Gopalan.
In the ICSE section we had an unprecedented results as 24 of our students out of 42 scored distinction. They are
  1. Leander George
  2. Saradh Saj P
  3. Gopika Sreenivasan
  4. Mithun C Madhusudanan
  5. Ann Mary Paul
  6. Rwithwine R
  7. Carmmel Rose
  8. AravindAjithkumar
  9. Anila Job
  10. Krishna Sudhee,
  11. Kavya M Sugunan
  12. Shravan S Warrier
  13. Bharath  A Manoj
  14. Tharian Pauly
  15. Vimal K Wilson
  16. Sujith Kumar
  17. Ananthakrishnan P Ramesh
  18. Devassy Pauly
  19. Amal Alex
  20. Aiswarya Bhuvandas
  21. Don George
  22. Albert Thomas
  23. Amrutha K
  24. Edwin K J
Hearty Congrats to one and all
HSS Results
The Names and photos of the full A+ grade holders of our school are the following:

A very hearty congrats to all of them.
DBLPS Bags the Overall First in the Sub District Youth Festival
Don Bosco LPS Bagged the first prize in the Sub District Youth Festival.