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Interactive teaching is all about making learning fun and meaningful. It makes use of Multimedia resources like video, image presentations, text-to-speech, etc.

What is Multimedia Learning?
Multimedia learning is the system of cognitive learning that makes use of different media forms to aid or facilitate effective mental education. It uses modern and technologically advanced tools to assist students in problem-based learning tasks that helps them interact with the environment effectively, understand the nature of what they have learned, and facilitate in the actual problem-solving tasks. 

  • Multimedia learning motivates students to learn by providing an authentic learning environment.
  • Multimedia learning environment gives easy access to education.
  • Multimedia learning environment caters to all types of learners.
  • Multimedia learning environments provide an efficient evaluation of studentsí progress.
Interactive learning at Don Bosco
The interactive learning pacfor Don Bosco HSS is provided by Educomp and for Don Bosco ICSE, it is by Edurite.

The package includes:
  • Personal computers, projectors, speakers, pointing devices and furniture in every class room
  • Administrator room with a full-time service incharge
  • Computers for instructors to update the class media, to plan the syllabus and to prepare question papers.
  • Learning assessment tools - help teachers to evaluate studentsí progress and growth. 
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Updated on: 13 Jul 2012
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