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The school Uniform consists of Gray short or long trousers and white slack shirts for all the boys, gray pleated short
skirts and white shirts for the girls V & VI std, churidars with a gray bottom, white top and Jacket for the girls of VII std and High School section. The boys of the Higher Secondary section will wear gray long trousers and checked slack shirts, while the girls wear churidars with a gray bottom and checked top and Jacket. On Wednesdays, all the girls of the UP section and all the boys should wear their ''House T-Shirts’’, instead of the shirts, while all the girls of VII std, the Higher School and Higher Secondary sections will wear their ''House Jackets’’ over the usual churidar top.

The House T-Shirts and Jackets and the cloth for the uniform should be purchased only from the school. The school uniform is compulsory on all class days and at school functions. Pupils must come to school clean and tidy. Every pupil should attend the school with some footwear on.
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Updated on: 06 Jun 2012
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