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  • The daily schedule of class is as follows:
    Morning Session : 9.05 a.m. - 12.20 p.m.
    Afternoon Session : 1.00 p.m. - 3.55 p.m.
  • Leave of absence for a period of two days may be obtained on application made in writing in the Leave Record. To obtain leave for more than two days, previous application in writing is necessary.
  • A pupil attending the morning session should not absent himself/herself in the afternoon without the permission of the Principal.
  • A pupil who is absent for ten consecutive days without leave of absence will have his/her name struck off from the rolls.
  • The school authorities are not responsible for the safety of the pupils after school hours. Necessary arrangements should, therefore, be made to take the children home after school hours.
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Updated on: 06 Jun 2012
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