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The Salesian method of education
Reason, religion and loving kindness are the three pillars on which Don Bosco built his educational system.
Reason: When we deal with adolescents, reason is essential: call it common sense: but it is import-ant. Every law is explained and the children are motivated. This system tries to do away with violent punishments which may stop a disorder but they seldom make the guilty any better. Instead through his loving presence the educator tries to become the friend of the educand whom he can advise in a friendly manner.
Religion: For Don Bosco education has no meaning unless religion forms the basis of the formation of youth. Schools are a means of instilling a sense of God into the minds and hearts of the young. The pupils are made aware of the all pervading presence of God and the means offered by religion are made use of constantly.
Loving Kindness: Don Bosco wanted his follo-wers to be friends and brothers to their boys. The educators are constantly with their charges: playing, working and helping them at every moment to grow up as integral human beings. This is a hard but rewarding experience. The students are bound to remember later in life the care lavished on them.

The Don Bosco Schools at Irinjalakuda are conducted by Salesians of Don Bosco of the Sacred Heart Province of Bangalore.

The Rectors:
At, the head of this team is the Rector who is also the correspondent. But in the Salesian system of education the Rector is the Co-ordinator of the various works of the institute and is the one ultimately responsible for them. He is the animator of the institute and he gives the right orientation. Don Bosco, Irinjalakuda had a band of dedicated Rectors in the past.
Fr. Manuel Mevada From 2017
Fr. Thomas Poovelikal 2012-2017
Fr. Devassy Kollamkudy 2008-2012
Fr. Joe Kallupura 2002-2008
Fr. Devassy Chirakel 1997-2002
Fr. George Arimpoor 1992-1997
Fr. Thomas Poovelikal 1989-1992
Fr. K.D.Joseph 1986-1989
Fr. James  Kudiyirippil 1980-1986
Fr. Mathew Arackal 1975-1980
Fr. George Arimpoor 1971-1975
Fr. Abraham   Poonnoly 1968-1971
Fr. Andrew Dorairaj 1962-1968

The Headmasters/Headmistress:
The progress of a school is intimately connected with its headmaster. Judged from this point of view Don Bosco, Irinjalakuda was blessed with a dedicated set of headmasters and headmistresses. 
Higher Secondary School LP School
Fr. Kuriakose Shasthamkala From 2017
Fr. Martin Kuruvanmakal 2012-2017
Fr. Varghese Thannipara 2005-2012
Fr. Joe Kallupura 2002-2005
Fr. George Kalangara 2001-2002
Fr. Dr. Joseph Pulikal 1998-2001
Fr. Devassy Chirakel 1997-1998
Fr. Jose Thadathil A. 1996-1997
Fr. Varghese Thannipara 1991-1996
Fr. Sebastian Kongamalayil 1990-1991
Fr. K.K. Joseph 1989-1990
Fr. Benedict Vadacherry 1988-1989
Fr. Thomas Purayidom 1982-1988
Fr. P. V. Varghese 1979-1982
Fr. Simon Palathingal 1977-1979
Fr. Joseph Malieckal 1976-1977
Fr. Benedict Vadacherry 1974-1976
Fr. George Arimpoor 1973-1974
Fr. V. V. George 1968-1969
Fr. Andrew Dorairaj 1962-1968
Sr. Omana V.P. From 2004
Fr. Joe Kokkandathil 2000-2004
Fr. Devassy Chirakel 1998-2000
Fr. George Nedumkallel 1996-1998
Mrs. Gracy Mathews 1995-1996
Fr. Varghese Thannipara &
Mrs. Gracy Mathews
Sr. Susan Leo 1977-1994
Sr. Bernetta  
Sr. Vensi 1969-

Fr. Manu Peedakayil From 2017
Fr. Varghese Edathichira 2012-2017
Fr. Thomas Poovelickal 2011-2012
Fr. N. M. Thomas 2009-2012
Fr. Mathews Poovathinal 2008-2009
Fr. Joe Kallupura 2005-2008
Fr. C.M.Joseph 2003-2005

Each of these Salesians has left his imprint on the various activities of the school.

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Updated on: 18 May 2012
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