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Elections are held for the posts of the School Pupil Leader and Assistant Pupil Leader, House Leaders and their Assistants, at the school level and class level ; besides, there are the class Monitors and Assistant Monitors. The Leaders and Assistant Leaders of the other Clubs and Associations are also elected by the members.
The House System
At the very beginning of every academic year the whole school is divided into four houses - Blue, Green, Red & Yellow, with their respective Masters. Various competitions are conducted on the House basis and yearly the House with maximum points is awarded.

The Clubs
The following clubs are formed by the students in order to get an advanced exposure to the respective fields and to experiment the group activities and prepare themselves for the school science exhibitions.
  • Maths Club
  • Science Club
  • Philatelic Club
  • Music Club
  • Horticultural Club
Mathematics Club at Don Bosco Higher Secondary and High School

Biologyy CLub at Don Bosco HSS and HS Schools

KCSL & Christeen Club
All the Catholic students of the school are members of the Kerala Catholic Students League. Through Christeen Club, the students subscribe to the Christeen Magazine, which is a very formative and informative periodical. Camps, seminars, Spiritual Retreats, Quiz programmes, Painting competition are conduncted under the auspices of KCSL. 
The inauguration of the House Systems and the Clubs and Associations is conducted towards the end of June. After that the various groups get into full vigour with activities.
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Updated on: 15 May 2012
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